Thursday, February 21, 2013

When Toys Get Hurt and Then Receive Medical Attention

You all know I have the "When Toys Get Hurt" ongoing theme, well today we found a serious ear injury on a favored teddy bear named Sooncy (I have no idea how she ended up with this name). Yes, I'm beginning to suspect foul play on my daughter's part as we have more critical patients than your average war zone. This time its real though; Sooncy isn't just any stuffed bear, J Bean put Sooncy's heart heart in personally. I'm being literal, she made this one at the Bear factory or whatever its called and they let you insert the heart into the bear after they stuff its bum with cotton... I know kinky right? She even picked out her fur, clothes and stuffing quantity. Rather than just pointing laughing and taking a picture, this one required surgery so J Bean and I got to work stat!

Prepare the patient and gather surgical tools, notice the torn left ear.

Code Blue, Hurry Doctor!

Exploration of the injury.

Incision time.

Doctor Dad assists with the sutures. 

 Patient is coming out of anesthesia and has been treated with antibiotics.

Uh oh, patient may have a re-injury. Concussion this time. 

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