Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Off Key

Some days I wish I had just stayed in bed (if only that were possible). Link has been a terror at bedtime for two nights, not sure if the poor guy is suffering from the same funk the rest of us have this week, if he's teething or maybe has an ear infection. Whatever it is he's not happy and had a rough time going down for nap today and I was less than thrilled I needed to wake him up early to get ready for an unrelated appointment. Just under one hour after spending 40 minutes getting him to sleep, I woke him up with just enough time to get him dressed and get out the door. You can imagine his delight. Anyway, managed to get both kids ready in full cold weather gear (we've got about 4 inches of powder on the ground today) and was about to walk out the door with Link strapped in to his car seat (much to his displeasure). Unfortunately, I couldn't find the keys anywhere. In desperation, I called VV on the off-chance she might know where the keys were. Turns out she drove the car today. You just have to laugh at life's little miscommunications, no one's fault just one of those things we didn't discuss. Oh well, Link didn't feel like going to that appointment anyway and I just ordered Thai food which makes everything better. Lets just hope the doc's office doesn't put me on hold for a "moment" when I call to reschedule.

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