Monday, February 18, 2013

Nobody move, Nobody gets hurt.

Parenting Truth #67: Games children like to play are usually repetitive, annoying and/or boring for adults and always involve rules that change as you go. You must pretend to enjoy them.

Parenting Truth #68: If you are actually enjoying a game with your child(ren), as opposed to tolerating one, then your child(ren) will
a) misbehave in a manner that brings all fun to a halt
b) get hurt
c) start crying for no apparent reason, or
d) all of the above.


  1. That's so true! The game that has been driving my particularly cuckoo is Chutes and Ladders. My son can literally play that game 20 times a day if I let him

    1. Why do they love to do everything over and over, can we change it up here? The other thing my daughter loves to do is listen while you explain a game, play it once then tell you she knows another game with new rules (and her rules change with no warning).