Thursday, February 7, 2013

Can your Dad come out and play?

It's days like this when you realize that play-dates are more for the parents than the kids. Had a man-date play-date planned for this morning, but Link was sick and feverish last night, so I warned my buddy about it in the early morning so he could make other plans. I was disappointed since we haven't gotten together in over a month with all my world travels and what not. He obviously felt the same way, because when I called him later we were very seriously discussing quarantine methods and whether or not (in our professional medical opinions) Link was even contagious. In other words, we were seriously considering getting together despite the possibility of both of his kids contracting the bubonic plague from my own snot monsters.

We'll probably tell our wives common sense intervened, but I think the real reason our wee ones aren't swapping germs and sharing sippy cups this morning is that we didn't want to miss more chances to play get together next week. Damn you plague, I'm coming down with cabin fever myself now! I need adult interaction stat! I know I'm missing those adult conversations because I took way too much satisfaction from having an internet argument last night. Troll if you want, just talk to me, I'm losing it!


  1. I feel for ya, dude. Winter sucks! If there's a week when someone in the house isn't sick, it feels like a miracle. I never used to get sick, but these damn kids have broken down my immune system! No fun being stuck at home for you or Link. Good luck finding something to do.

    1. Yeah thanks and thanks for stopping by. We'll survive on furniture forts, movies, games, arts/crafts and snacks I'm sure. Oh and drinking... and complaining. Definitely.