Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Little Sister...

My sis gave birth to a beautiful baby girl recently and I have to laugh at the evolution of our conversations. We used to talk about philosophy, world events, relationships, movies we'd seen and other random weirdness.  We still do on occasion and I'm sure those talks will become more frequent again once she exits the sleep deprivation torture phase of child rearing (when does that part end again?)

Until then, our new favorite topics are the effectiveness and ickiness of the snot sucker, the horrors of diaper changes, and how impossibly cute our kids are. I'm secretly waiting for the newness to wear off so we join together in ridicule and mockery of other parents (I find is the favored topic of more seasoned parents), oh the fun we will have! Most parents are idiots! Not you, of course, nor my subscribers. All of you people are awesome, I'm talking about those other morons.

Wishing better sleep soon for my kid sister, the sleep part will get better (I promise), but the tyrant will only get more experienced and better at screwing with you in other ways. There is nothing worse and there is nothing better than at home parenting, so enjoy every moment that isn't driving you crazy!

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