Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's Your Sleep Number? Mine is 0.

J Bean yells at the top of her lungs around 4am after already waking us twice prior, "Mom! Mommmmm! I don't want to be up here all night!"

Having just ninja run up the stairs, as opposed to crashing around like elephants doing the Harlem Shake as my upstairs neighbors do at night, I came into the room, "what is the problem?"

J Bean says, "I thought it was time to wake up... and I need more water."

<insert mad, nonsensical rant and threats to abduct stuffed animals>

Of course, she got fresh water and a kiss on the head before I left her room. Damn, she's good.

Then she had the gall to ask me this morning, while calmly and slowly placing pieces of a waffle in her mouth, "How did you sleep last night, Daddy?"

I took it as a thinly veiled threat. She looked at me confidently and knowingly over her glasses as if to add, "Your move, paterfamilias, we can make this easy or..."

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