Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gonna have a good day... Ain't nobody gotta cry today.

For those of you without infants and preschoolers in the house, allow me to paint the picture of what constitutes a great morning for those of us saddled blessed with the wee ones... This morning I shaved. Yes, I shaved today! I liken the experience of shaving for a stay home parent to "working folk" having a nice trip to the barbershop or salon and I try to do it just as often. After that refreshment I had time to make a cup of coffee. Now at this point I already know it is going to be one fantastic morning. Shaved and hot coffee, all within an hour of waking up?! Unheard of.

 After the shave I had to take a little break for an aerobic workout (when I say aerobic workout, I mean running around the house getting laundry started, cleaning a few things, taking out the garbage, sterilizing some bottles, changing a diaper diapers, rocking and humming going up and down the stairs a half dozen times with various objects in hand including dirty laundry and a cute lil fella I call my son). With the workout done, my son was sleeping and I turned on my secret weapon, Dora, for J Bean. Bam! Guaranteed 22 minutes of peace. I decided to pamper myself with a trip to the bathroom... Alone. That's right, me and the walls and the porcelain throne all to myself. Jealous yet? Peaked out to the living room just in time to see Swiper, the sly fox, foiled in his attempts to steal some bauble from Dora and her pesky monkey friend. That's good news, time for a shower and I took a long one. I imagine the whole experience is akin to a bachelor or bachelorette spending a day at the spa. Yes, I've been to a spa before and yes I stand by the assessment. It was paradise I tell you, I feel like a new person!

 With all that under my belt, I still had time to finish my coffee and write this post (full disclosure, I almost completed the post before lil man woke up anyway and he was in a good mood so I was able to finish it before feeding him again). It's going to be a great day and after that mini-vacation I am looking forward to it. Hope you all have a wonderful day as well, don't forget to spoil yourself with 15 minutes catching up reading, a quiet cup of coffee or a solo bathroom break today if you can swing it. It helps you stay balanced, well, as close to balanced as a parent has any right being anyway.