Sunday, February 17, 2013

All the Live Long Day...

Before I say this, please know that I respect working parents and wouldn't trade my at home position for anything. I don't fully grasp the challenges of the working parent, I'm sure, though I do have some insight having been a corporate working Joe before my current gig. With that said, those of you who are at home full time with the kids know it has its ups and downs as well.

First off, toddlers are A-holes... enriching, lovable, wildly entertaining A-holes, but A-holes nonetheless and sometimes that is only clear when you spend every waking moment with them. So when a working parent says to a stay home parent they understand and have experienced the same things as the at home parent, there is some truth to the statement; however, frequency and monotony of dealing with those things all the live long day is what makes the job trying and challenging in a way that can't really be grasped without experiencing it for years. A working parent saying they know how it is to be a stay home parent is kind of like telling the park ride attendant helping thousands of families a day in and out of boats at Disney that you have experienced the ride and understand how it is annoying, especially that dreadful music (It’s a Small World After All <repeat><repeat><REPEAT!>). That’s when the guy, who does this all day every day, looks at you with crazed eyes and says, “You have no effing idea”.

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