Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's?

This happened today.

I was trying to take a picture (I have nothing to do with the eggs and basket, just a special zoo treat I suppose) and my phone just slipped out of my hands. The whole pack, herd, murder I don't know what you call a bunch of meerkats dogpiled the phone and I thought they were going to tear it to pieces. If anyone has a contact with Motorola or Verizon, I have a nice review for them.

J Bean was excited and I was worried the lil buggers were going to tear off a piece and choke or something so I went running around after a zookeeper. Vv took some pics of the excitement. The phone was unlocked and they were bringing up google, calculator and finally Facebook pages manager! The onlookers thoroughly enjoyed the excitement... as did the meerkats.

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