Friday, April 12, 2013

Midnight Snack

Done with the midnight feeding that Link is too old to need; I have the shoulder spit-up stain/badge to prove it. I have to admit though, after the initial annoyance of having to prepare a bottle and head down to his bat cave, I secretly love it. Once he gets the bottle in his mouth he stops crying, I change him (while he's eating, yeah that's right, this ain't my first rodeo), then we head back into the dark cave and he sucks the whole bottle down. I know he's done because he starts cooing like a newborn. After that, he's like a big warm pile of pizza dough that burps. I flop him over to the shoulder for a back pounding and he just melts into my shoulder and neck. I don't ever want him to get too big for this. Good night, sweet boy. Now don't wake up again tonight, because that shit won't be cute at all.

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