Monday, April 29, 2013

Our House is a Very, Very, Very Fine House (with two Alpaca's in the Yard?)... but it Could be Better.

You guys know I occasionally pick up a cause to try to boost visibility for them. A few things to know about this one:

It is one of our readers and I promised him a cup of coffee when we reached 100,000 readers because he was the thousandth (or something like that). It was a joke and we enjoyed a laugh between each other about it and it looks like he'll be waiting a long time for that cup of coffee.

Another thing to understand is that despite knowing quite a few bloggers with a pretty far reach, he has never brought up his needs or asked for anything. He has told us a little about his life though and how he has adopted four young children, all with special needs, and how he hopes to make his farm a destination place for other children in his community. He's told us about the animals he raises and cares for (Alpacas and Pygmy Goats if I recall) and how they have been unable to afford to make some improvements needed for the well-being of their animals and in the way of improving their farm... their home. I'm no Extreme Home Makeover celebrity (I wish I was, we'd really fix him up), but I bet if you guys contribute what you can and/or share the word with those in your network that we could help them in a big way. So check out his page on Facebook and look for the pinned post that'll show you how to make a donation if you are so inclined. Thanks. Now back to our regularly scheduled Meerkat Monday. Hmm... maybe Wild Angels Farm could raise some Meerkats?

 Check them out on Facebook here. Or go directly to their Go Fund Me Page here. 

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  1. Catherine WebsterMay 1, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    I need to look him up. Sounds like he's doing amazing things! I find renewed faith in mankind when I see people who embrace challenges like that. Where in the world would humanity be without folks like him?