Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mr. Clean

Company coming over tomorrow! I'm always excited to speak with people who walk upright all the time and who have full vocabularies, but now I need to do some serious house scrubbin' that I let slide most of the week. Yay Saturday...

I think this would go quicker if I just rent one of those little bulldozers and push J Bean's toys back to her cave.

Vv, took J Bean to swim lessons this morning so Link and I are hanging out and doing some cleaning. A few things I like about vacuuming (since I'm done with that and procrastinating on the actual scrubbin' part of cleaning):

1) Link is calmer when I'm vacuuming than just about any other waking moment. He just stays close, stares at it, coos at it and claps his hands. I should probably start vacuuming every day, twice a day. Maybe I could just let it run nearby while I make coffee in the mornings?

2) Another thing I love about vacuuming is the sense of accomplishment that comes from such an easy chore. The living room looks like the debris field of a crash involving an Animal Cracker truck and a jumbo jet carrying dried fruit, then I come along and with the Hoover and Bam! Looks great (as long as I pretend not to see all the stains and ground in babyfood... I should really do some spot cleaning, but not today!)

3) The white noise is also comforting to me. Even if Link does get mad (or if J Bean is home and asking me a googol of questions), I just can't really hear them. Especially if I crank the music too. I like to call it the Zen of overwhelming background noise. Blast the Foo Fighters and turn on the vacuum... trust me. It's great.

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