Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Pros & Cons.

Pro: My bed.  Con: Water damage from hot water heater leak.
Pro: The neighbors moved out (I have to say, coming home from vacation and finding out your loud neighbors have moved out is even better than coming back from the bathroom at a restaurant and finding your food is waiting for you). Con: US Mail has decided since they have moved that we probably want all their junk mail.

Pro: Just ordered Thai food delivery. Con: Lots of unpacking to do.

Pro: Cats are happy to see us. Con: I’m not sure the pet sitter fed John the Betta, he is not looking so hot. (may be sign that it is time for plastic fish).

Pro: Had tons of birthday wishes while I was on the road and had a great time at the music festival without the kids! Con: Grandma is not changing diapers anymore and the tyrants are recovering from a long trip and are super tired. Also, I need to come up with funny things to write that don’t involve gimmicks like Pros vs. Cons, but I’m rusty now.

Finally, Pros win, because I’m married to Vv who entertained J Bean while I took a 3+ hour nap with Link. I should be rested, but I still feel like the old man I now officially am. It’s great to be back, Parenting Partners! Extra thanks to The Robot Mommy for running the counter in my absence and special thoughts to all those affected by the acts of violence in Boston and all those families affected by the west Texas tragedy. Glad to be home safe and giving my kids extra hugs and kisses tonight.

For some reason, "John the Betta" made me think of this, so now you get to hear it:

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