Monday, March 25, 2013

Your Party Awaits

Last time we were visiting my Mom, J Bean and I went to the grocery store with her. After shopping a while we split up to go grab a few things we had forgotten.  As usual, I took too long time obsessing over the impossible decision of yogurts. My Mom wasn't sure where we were and asked customer service to page us. She thought J Bean would enjoy hearing her name called out over the intercom and that I would take the subtle hint and hurry the F up. The voice came across the intercom, "Would J Bean and her father come to the front please, your party is waiting for you here."

We decided on a yogurt and headed to the front. J Bean chattered excitedly asking if I had heard what they said and asking me to repeat it a few times. I wasn't sure why she was so excited, just hearing her name through the PA system I guessed. When we reached the cashier, J Bean looked around quizzically and asked, "Where's our party? They said there was a party waiting for us."

Now that's not the kind of disappointment I wanted to deal with and I imagined how it must feel to a 3 year (at the time) to be promised a party and to have nothing but beeping cash registers and grumpy adults waiting in line. Not missing a beat, I told her the party was going to be at Grandma's house, they just didn't want us to be late. I circled back to the bakery, picked up a few balloons,  and a pack of cupcakes. When we made it home, we cranked some music and had an impromptu party. The lesson here is to never pass up a chance for a cupcake and a party.

With that, it's time for an installment of "I Like to Move it", the one in which we all step away from the phone or laptop and grab your wee ones for a morning dance party! Shake it like your pants are on fire! I thought this one would be fitting given the day and the morning's Blue Man theme:

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