Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Good Morning, Parenting Partners

The kids are still sleeping... be vewy, vewy quiet. unfortunately, someone in this city has decided to hover over our neighborhood with a freakin' helicopter so my peace won't last long. Seriously?! There had better be a crime in progress and not just Chopper Dan out here giving a news report! Maybe i need to run up to the roof and do my grumpy old man impression, "GET OFF MY LAWN!!!" while shaking my fist.

In other news, as you may have picked up on yesterday, it is spring break from J Bean's preschool. We got ready and made it to the school yesterday but we were the only ones there. To a 4 year old, this is the equivalent of being told you are going to Disney and then finding a padlock across the gates of the Magic Kingdom, so I spent the rest of the morning trying to pull J Bean out of her funk. Meanwhile, a little piece of my soul was run through the trash compactor because I was expecting a break during Link's nap and had none. Spring break used to be awesome... what happened? Maybe I should make jello shots. Lets see... what else... Link is walking better and looks like a "walker" from my favorite zombie show now as he drunk stumbles around the room with stiff legs and a smile like a goat eating briars. I can't tell you how excited I am that he can reach new things and is learning to climb like a tiny chimpanzee. I wonder if they make straight jackets in 12-18mo size?

 Lastly, in store today is a serious article from yours truly. Its long form, its angry, its defensive and its probably pointless, but it provided a much needed catharsis and I just hope it reaches the screen of that self-important douche-bag who dared to question the contentedness of stay home dads and by proxy questioned the importance of the stay home parenting job for all who do it. You don't mess with my stay home Parenting Partners. It makes this lighthearted, wanna-be comedian angry... and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. So stay tuned for that bloviation later on and get a cup of coffee, a beer or a glass or wine when you read it, because its probably going to make this post look like a footnote. Enjoy your Tuesday folks!

P.S. Bobo4, still alive. Go figure.

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