Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Like to Move It!

I've been slacking on my "I Like to Move It" recurring posts where I post a kid-friendly song for you to shake and wiggle to with your little ones. It's a good time to put off the chores, put down that phone, close that laptop go ahead and pop on your favorite station, playlist, CD, tape, vinyl or 8 track and put down the laptop/phone for a while. Have a dance party, you won't regret it. All the grumpy cat posters, count-the-shapes games, name a day with the letter "Y" quizes, fellow facebookers talking about our coffee and the proclamations of TGIF can wait. Trust me.

I scheduled this post for the dance time which I have already blocked in my calendar, so when you see this in this your feed know that I am already doing the rump shaker with J Bean and Link. Didn't know I could do that did you (dance and put posts on layaway)? I do play with my kids occasionally. I actually do a lot of my writing/creating at night and then just participate in comments on my phone when the day presents a moment of peace.

#1 rule of Dad Bloggin': When presented the choice between writing about parenting and parenting always go with the latter.

...but I digress. Dance!

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