Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Daddy Dictionary entry:

Pankles: [Pang-kuhls] noun

 The result of not holding a infant/toddlers legs tightly while changing a stool filled diaper. The back of the ankles touch the feces and become coated. A combination of the words "poop" and "ankles"

(See Also: poopsmear)

Example: Oh shit! He kicked his legs and now he has pankles!!! Help! Never mind, too late, it's on me.

Origin: Believed to have originated with the first diaper. Before diapers, "poopfeet" were much more common and personal hygiene standards were significantly lower.

Update 8/16/2013: Pankles can also result from an over-full diaper and a crouching toddler. Crouching Toddler Hidden Poop (sounds like a great action movie). Here is the actual update I made on Facebook today. True Story:

 A good question would be, "Why is Link in the shower and getting his teeth brushed at 10am?"
I spotted him chewing on something. "Bring me that, Buddy, what ya got?" I asked.
He put a tiny grape skin in my hand. I thought to myself, "We didn't have grapes today, where'd he get that? IS that a grape? Let me give it a sniff... Oh crap! It smells like crap! Oh geez, his diaper is full. He's been diaper diving! NOOO! Oh gross. I'm holding a grape skin he's already digested... He has poop on his ankles. (see Daddy dictionary entry for "pankles"). It's on his hands, it's on my hands, it's on the floor, it's everywhere!"
I'm going to be sanitizing my house for the rest of the day. In related news, does being a parent immunize us against gross out nausea? I think any sane, childless person would have lost their cookies over that one. Have a good one Parenting Partners!

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