Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Fish, Two Fish...

I think the betta (aka, Bobo) may have kicked the bucket. Either that or he is sleeping really hard (like every other sane being in the house, just got Link down again). Tomorrow, I need to get rid of all evidence and come up with a cover story or replace him with a similar fish. We lost a tankful right before we moved in to this house to an overdose on water treatment. Bobo had survived the massacre since he was in a separate tank. He was old-ish, maybe it was just his time. I could use it as a teachable moment I suppose, but that doesn't sound ideal right now. I'll sleep on it. 

I think he died of my procrastination, its hard to find time to clean a fish bowl frequently with kids. Dammit, not feeling great about this one. Good night, parenting partners.

Morning Update: 

Bobo is dead, Jim. Not to fear I headed out to the pet store while J Bean was eating breakfast (luckily Vv was working from home today). Look, 
It's a miracle! It also gave me the chance to stop by Dunkin Donuts for breakfast and coffee, it's kind of a win win. Well, except for Bobo. Kind of a lose lose for him, but for me not bad. Vv reminded me this was already Bobo #2 anyway, so this is #3

All's well that ends well, I suppose. I'll have to pour out a few betta pellets for my homey Bobo2 though. 

Update 3/16/2013:

Bobo3 has ceased to be.

Awesome. Looks like he's under warranty though, poor guy. I have to take a water sample back with me so they can tell me how I precipitated his untimely death. Man, I suck as a fish father.

Update 3/18/2013:

Bobo4, who was just installed yesterday and has already outlived his predecessor.

Update 3/29/2013:

Bobo4 is looking a mite maladious. 


  1. Sometimes I wish I could sleep that hard. Not the dead part, I guess. But the part where no one can wake you up. R. I. P. Bobo.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Neal! Kind of fluff here, but I had fun with the pics on FB and decided to put it up. Once I realized it was old fish new fish... the draw was irresistable.

  3. Seen my blog? I'm almost drowning in fluff at the moment. My wife just told me that if I didn't publish something artfully crafted and/or deeply meaningful real soon, she was gonna leave me. I THINK she was joking.

  4. Fluff floats a blog... right?