Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who Wins the Bread Around Here?

A recent study is causing quite a stir among the blogosphere and with the talking heads on TV.  Fox had some incredibly telling reactions to a recent Pew Research study. 

The problem is not that some women are the breadwinners and some men stay home with the kids, the problems are at the micro level. Families where there is not enough parental involvement (from either Mom or Dad, or where Mom or Dad are missing altogether) is a different animal than a family with "traditional" roles reversed. There are certainly single Moms and Dads who raise their children successfully. All of this data is simply a conflation of so many issues that it is pointless. Of course, Fox doesn't see it that way. They think anything other than subservient women and traditional "manly leader men" can combine in complementary roles to raise children "right." 

Fox, and particularly you, Lou Dobbs... Fuck Off. Separate the real issues here of education and poverty and help us tackle the problem. It's not that families aren't following the blueprint of preferred design, it's that some people are growing up in screwed up situations combined with poverty and lack of education and then having their own children! These numbers being quoted are also irrelevant. There are more single mothers than before and they are by default "the breadwinners" of their households. Many of them are doing an outstanding job raising their children while some are not. This certainly has nothing to do with who brings home the bacon. It has everything to do with who is teaching their children right from wrong and how to succeed (and what our society... the village... is doing to help them).  


  1. They claim to be about the family...who gives a shit who does what. How is it "bad for kids and bad for marriage" (direct quote) if the mom is the primary breadwinner? Give and idiot a microphone and he is still an idiot, just everyone knows it.

  2. The whole thing is lame. Correlation does not indicate causation. There have been a few other social, economical and edicational changes since the rise of women as breadwinners. Plus they took Pluto off the list of planets. I think that's your culprit right there for problems with children who don't succeed. Bring back Pluto!