Saturday, May 11, 2013

Give Me Food Now...

The great news is Vv took J Bean to a swimming lesson this morning and Link decided to sleep to an unheard of 9:30am. I was out until he woke me up. Problem is, when Link sleeps that long he wakes up hangry like a starving velociraptor. Its all I can do to get a banana and some avocado cut up before he starts eating the furniture or my leg. Usually, I give him some reflux meds and try to make him wait another 20 minutes (which is recommended for best effectiveness). Let's just say, I didn't make him wait this morning. His red-tailed hawk screams made it clear he would not wait, even after I gave him a sippy cup of milk and formula. Pretty sure if he could talk, he would have used the Teen Wolf voice (when Michael J Fox says he needs a keg of beer) to tell me to "Give me some food... Now."

Ah well, I tamed the beast with fruit and veggie scraps without losing a finger and even made some coffee. Vv and J Bean are still MIA, they must have run to the store for more food supplies for the in-house tyrant here. Have a great weekend Parenting Partners!

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