Friday, May 31, 2013

Wheels of Change Move Really Fast Around Here.

Things they don't tell you about parenting #56,724:

No one explained how in 14 seconds you could go from sitting on the couch relaxing, having a drink and joking about dragon sex (as usual) to holding a baby that is projectile vomiting. Moments later the mess is covering both of you and half the room. 20 minutes later, you're done scrubbing the carpet and you're rinsing out linens and clothes in a shower and showering yourself. Good times.

P.S. Not that I was describing what just happened here, but if I were then you should know Link is ok. His ibuprofen went down the wrong pipe triggering the whole episode. He took a bottle after a wardrobe change and I rocked his hot little self back to sleep. Fingers crossed that he gets some needed sleep. The bright side is I'm on the board with two showers for the week and it's only Thursday; so I've got that going for me. I mean, if it were me.

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