Friday, January 11, 2013

Tale of Two Cities

VV says she feasted on some excellent duck at an historic restaurant in Beijing last night, but was surprised to find the women's restroom consisted of five holes in the floor and not so much as a privacy curtain. Oh, to be a fly on the wall! Meanwhile, my accommodations in south Georgia has running water and four working radio stations, but no wifi (grrrr), no Homerun Inn pizza nor Intelligentsia coffee (oh the horror!) I also noted twenty varieties of grits and only three types of organic baby food at the grocery store. Link and J Bean have thoroughly enjoyed "roughing it" for the past few days, we can see trees from the house so they believe we are on safari and the warm weather is a welcome respite from Chicago's gray winter. Missing VV terribly, only about 175 more diaper changes before she rejoins us! Relaxation for me has included thirty minutes of reading my book and one shower. Woohoo!

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