Sunday, January 6, 2013

Beast of Burden

Procrastination in packing for my travel upcoming travel will have reached epic proportions by morning. If you see me online tomorrow, tell me to put the phone/laptop down and get back to packing! It is not as if there has been zero progress.  I did make a list, a long list. Now I should probably start checking things off of it. Oh well, I work better under pressure... right?

I did get one thing done; I bought an extra suitcase. You know, because hauling around just one ginormous suitcase in addition to the backpack/diaper bag, two car seats, a stroller, a satchel (the one my daughter will tire of carrying about 30 seconds after entering the airport), a stroller, 10mo old Link, 4yr old J Bean, and my own lard butt just isn't enough to make navigation from the house to the car and from the car to the ticket counter sufficiently challenging. Perhaps I can lash the two wheeled suitcases together with the stroller and fashion some sort of baggage car out of them and toss the kids on top?

"J Bean, hold your brother tight, I'm going to push from the back!"

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