Friday, January 4, 2013

16 days in the Hole.

VV is out of country for work for the next 16+ days. I calculated it at 402 hours, 24128 minutes, or 1930240 heartbeats. Another way of looking at this is 80 bottles of formula, 128 diapers (conservative estimate), and 1.75 gazillion cries (and that's not even counting the baby). I predict approximately 34 cocktails give or take a few dozen.

Did I mention, I'll be traveling via air with Thing 1 & 2 across country to visit family during much of that time? Afterwards, we'll meet back up with my co-chief (VV) and we'll get to "relax" on a Disney vacation. Basically, just a warning. Posts for the next 3 weeks will be sporadic, peppered with neurosis/profanity, and undoubtedly the occasional heart melting moment.

Updated: Before I start 2+ weeks of pissing and moaning, I just want to say I realize single parents do this day in and day out. Hats off to those who do it all the time. I'm sure I'm as clueless to the trials of raising children alone as a working parent is to the reality of being a full-time caretaker. We all have privilege of some sort and find it hard imagine another's trials, but I do realize with a wife (with a great job), two (healthy) kids, two cats that only puke on the floor occasionally and a fantastic support network I have it better than most. With that said, I'll still be bitching. A lot.

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