Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Such an Old Sweet Song...

It is 80 degrees today, I don't think I'll go home again. In Chicago (had we been home yesterday) J Bean, Link and I would have huddled inside, wishing for a moment of sunshine through the windows while watching about 8 episodes of Little Einsteins to break up the monotony between Link's tantrums. Here in Georgia we instead rode a golf cart all over creation (Link smiled ear to ear and cooed with pleasure most of the time), collected moss, small plants and dirt for a terrarium which we assembled in the afternoon warmth. We caught a cricket and made plans to capture a rain frog to put in our tiny habitat. While Link slept, J Bean and I rode the cart around at break-neck speeds while launching spray bottle attacks against shrubs, mailboxes, and the death star (the rental van). J Bean says of Georgia, "Its very quiet here", I guess I'll have to introduce her to the cacophony of singing frogs, crickets and cicadas (if it gets hot enough). There may be less traffic and sirens, but there are plenty of noises here where the wild things are. What else should we get in to today? I'm not sure, but I'm thinking a look at the night sky and visible stars would be a great idea for my little city girl this evening.

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