Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jedi Mind Tricks...

J Bean's grasp on the use of manipulation continues to grow. Her latest Jedi mind trick is employed by saying "Daddy Loves You" and flashing the sweetest smile that has ever graced the world at me when she is busted red handed getting in to mischief. This morning J Bean was conducting an experiment to determine if raisins fit more readily into a DVD player or a PS3. It seems the PS3 is more likely to accept raisins, but probably only because she did not figure out how to open the DVD player before I intervened.

I have to admit, I definitely prefer the puppy eyes and "Daddy Loves You" trick much more than whining which is another talent she excels in. I worry that one day J Beans attempts at distraction, manipulation and straight up mind control will surpass my ability to recognize them or resist.

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