Sunday, February 6, 2011

Imagination (or a paperclip) can be a wondrous thing.

We're entering new territory now as J Bean's imagination surpasses my predictive capabilities. I used to be able to look around for dangers and potential threats in a room and feel pretty comfortable about what she could get in to. Now I might be in the kitchen working on dishes and peek around the corner to find that she has pulled off her socks in order to use them to dip into the cat's water bowl and then spin the sock around her head before putting it in her mouth in order to suck the tasty water out of it. The water bowl is blocked in such a way to prevent her from walking up to it, but not in such a way that you couldn't repel down to it or gain access with a pole vault. 

Note to self: Need to keep the cat, the cat's water, food, and litter into a child-proof safe as current precautionary measures are insufficient. Also aquariums, fish food and all electronic devices need to go in there. Also, I may need a bigger safe. 

It seems to be something new every day as J Bean's brain power, strategies for destruction, physical capabilities and height increase at a startling rate. It is time for child proofing part deux, which will be completely pointless. Even if I manage to cover everything in the house in Nerf, nail each item to floor and install a state of the art monitoring system... I am destined to fail. We have spawned baby MacGyver. J Bean could tear up an anvil with a powder puff (and a paper-clip). It's only a matter of time before she figures out how to make an incendiary device with which she can target me. My favorite part of catching J Bean tearing something up or finding the evidence afterwards is her wide eyed stare and the immediate innocent exclamation of "What Happened?!! Tear it Up!!". Reminds me of the scene below (audio only) from Black Sheep for some reason. 

(Link) View more Thomas 'Tommy' Callahan Iii Sound Clips and Chris Farley Sound Clips
Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I'll be trying to watch a little football (a once or twice a year rarity for me) while keeping at least one eye on my daughter lest she fashion a catapult to launch Disney figurines at me with. Maybe I should consider a helmet too?

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