Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do you have a council of Dads?

A moving TED presentation from Bruce Feiller discussing his cancer diagnosis and his approach to help fill the shoes of "dad" when and if he succumbs to the disease. He decided to approach some trusted friends who would be willing to be a part of his twin daughters' lives if he were to pass... he was looking to form A Council of Dads.

This a fantastic idea to discuss with your friends before you find out something could be happening to you, after all, life is fleeting and none of us know when our time will come or if we will have any forewarning. I've already spoken with a friend of mine on my wishes that my online "diaries" in the form of my blog and social networking be saved for my daughter in the event I meet an untimely end. What does that mean anyway? Is there ever a timely ending? After seeing this, I think I'll have that foxhole conversation with him and some other friends too.

I hope my wife would find a new partner in life if she were to outlive me. (Only if I'm gone though, VeeVee, don't get any ideas!) There is no doubt that anyone she could love would be a wonderful and nurturing parent as a prerequisite, but it would be nice to know my friends (who share some of my philosophies and interests and who know me well) are willing and ready to step up and take an important part as role-models, advisers and confidants in J Bean's life. These thoughts also make me realize I would like that council of Dads to have a part in her life regardless of my presence or lack thereof. Children need strong mentors, both men and women, in their lives. Have you selected your council of Moms or Dads and spoken with them about how important they are to you and the commitment you seek from them? It takes a village.

Sorry for the morbidity, but that clip really got me thinking about this. I'll have to follow this up with a "I Like to Move It!" selection to lighten the mood. Life is short... make sure you are really living it!!

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