Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Holy Moly, Me Oh My, You're the Apple of My Eye

Hat tip to Man of the House for this great clip of a Daddy/daughter singing duo! J Bean can really belt out the singing, but I'm going to need some guitar and voice lessons before I can help her reach fame like this.

I didn't have an "I Like to Move It" choice up and ready, and this seemed appropriate to lift spirits after my previous morbid post. We're preparing for a blizzard in Chicago, stay safe everyone!


  1. Eric ... thanks for posting that article about Jorge. He was truly a very genuine person to talk to and hadn't let any of this go to his head. I loved that video when I first saw it, but like you ... I need LOTS of practice before my boy and I will be belting out duets.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. Glad to pass that one along, such a great performance and the song has been stuck in my head for days!