Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who steals a blanket... seriously?!

J Bean was sick as only a two year old in the throes of a stomach bug can be on Friday night. It was one of those nights when VeeVee and I were looking forward to a bottle of wine and a movie soon after J Bean's bedtime. Instead we spent the evening worrying about and caring for a very sick little girl. At around midnight we were contemplating whether our supply of clean bed clothes would last the night or if we should do a few loads of laundry before we pass out from exhaustion in the wee hours of the morning. Rookie parent move of the night: We did do laundry before bed. Then we soon realized we would be doing laundry again in the morning. Advice: Don't bother starting laundry until you have had several hours of your child not going off like old faithful.
J Bean was fine by mid-morning the next day and our laundry was done. The family was no worse for wear other than some sleepy parents, a missed birthday party and a tired and cranky J Bean. We later learned someone had apparently swiped a blanket from our dryer during the all night launder-o-thon. Not just any blanket, it was J Bean's favorite blanket, a hand-made gift from her grandparents. If any of you have been through pacifier weaning lately or has a child who is hooked on their nap-time accessories, then you may better comprehend the importance of all the right "fuzzies", "lovies" and "blankies" for a peaceful transition to bed. I've searched the house, double-checked the laundry facilities in our building and am now trying to decide if it is worth my time to post a nasty-gram in the public laundry area or if building management would be willing to put out an all-points bulletin and allow a full search of all 200+ units within our building. I will not rest until this culprit is found and the blankie is returned to it's rightful owner! No, seriously. Until we find it we may not get any rest. Not due to my one man quest for vengeance, but because J Bean may not understand why her favorite things are disappearing. She has to be thinking, "First my paci, now my blanket... what kind of a place are you guys running here? Cheesy Pizza!" Cheesy Pizza has become my preferred replacement for other less kid-friendly expletives and calls or curses to deities. J Bean has quickly picked up the verbiage and will sometimes proclaim "Pee-eww... cheesy pizza!" while having a particularly odoriferous diaper changed for example.
We are working on gaining J Bean's acceptance of other available blankets by talking about how fuzzy and cozy there are and I think we'll be just fine by tonight... but seriously..... Who steals a blanket?! That's just not right.

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