Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Like to Move It!

In celebration of J Bean's triumph over the paci addiction!

Sorry about that... not a lot of songs about the pacifier apparently. If you are not disturbed after having watched this video then you may need to seek counseling.

We have been trimming the tip of the pacifier for weeks since J Bean's last trip to the dentist and the resulting scolding for allowing her to use it at 2 years (Oh, the horror!). Although we were only using it at night, the dentist said the night-time sucking was causing a small gap (or tongue thrust) which could ultimately cause teeth alignment issues and even speech problems if we didn't make a change. Reluctantly, we opted to take her medical advice and the trimming approach worked very well for us. We poked a hole in the pacifier, then began to slowly trim the tip a little every day until J Bean had nothing but the hard plastic part of the pacifier left and she just lost interest in it. There were a few rough nights when the pacifier reached the size she could not longer hold it in her mouth, but it wasn't too bad at all. We had several discussions with J Bean about how the pacifier was "broken" but that it was OK as this time had coincided with her recent fitting for glasses which obviously make her more of a "big girl" as well.

Next stop... potty training. We are moving out of our current apartment in the next few months and I am hoping to leave any unseemly stains or odors behind when we go.

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