Friday, December 3, 2010


As J Bean was just starting to say a few words -clearly anyway- several months ago, she would occasionally watch cartoons with breakfast. She's a fan of "Diego" and we have episodes available on demand. So one morning I was searching for Diego and once I typed in D-I-E one of the choices that came up was "Die Hard with a Vengeance". I asked J Bean if she wanted to watch Diego or Die Hard with a vengeance... she quickly answered with a sharp: VENGEANCE!!! Of course my wife (VeeVee) and I died laughing which had the effect of imprinting the word permanently into her repertoire. Now she breaks it out at random times for a laugh and occasionally gets the word into the right context.... presumably, by accident though sometimes I have to wonder.
For example, recently, J Bean was having a "misunderstanding" with another toddler over a chair they both wanted. The other child had come up and was working to push J Bean off of the chair (unsuccessfully as she was too small for the job also), with much protest from J Bean. Before I had to make a move, the child's mother approached and pulled her own toddler down and took her a few feet away for "a talk". J Bean sat down and watched this intently. She didn't get involved or laugh/smile or anything like that, but I could see the gears were turning as she watched with interest. So... later in the car on the way home, I was describing the events to VeeVee (J Bean was in the back seat in her car seat, we thought she might have even been sleeping) and I came to the part of the story where the other toddler received her "talking to" from her Mom when suddenly from the back seat, J Bean yelled "VENGEANCE!"... That's right, baby, that's right.

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