Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two years...

Celebrated J Bean's 2nd birthday today. We had a blast at the Corner Playroom (2121 N Clybourn) with other kids from playgroup and some other friends from the building, work, etc... We also had the first snow of the season in Chicago today, but everyone braved the weather to come to the shindig. J Bean has been dabbling in the "terrible 2's" for months now, so I'm a little anxious about the new tricks that are around the corner. I love every minute of it though (please remind me of this when I start ranting about the behavioral issues).

It is hard to believe 2 years have come and gone since her first peek at the world and our first look at her. I can feel the future rushing at me as if I was in a wind tunnel of time... slow down! I know we have a long and amazing childhood ahead of us and I truly look forward to watching this amazing person grow and learn more with each circle around the sun. However, I also know with every passing year, time will speed up for me. I take some comfort in remembering how slow time passes as a child and knowing how much fun I can help make this for her and hoping I can anchor myself against the winds of time with a little help from this amazing little girl.

OK, enough "sappage"... at what age are children able to help with housework (I mean really help... J Bean already likes to spread my swept piles of dirt around and scatter my folded laundry). I'm looking forward to something more along these lines though:

jason lee creative kids photography sisters

Photos from cool dad, Jason Lee with JWL Photography.

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