Friday, September 17, 2010


An odd thing about parenthood is how your own relationships change. From your wife, to your own parents, your friends and even potential new friends everything is seen through a new lens. I used to choose my friends because I liked them, now I consider how they will affect my child... do they have children? do they parent the way I do? do they have similar views morally? These and a myriad of other questions come to mind when I meet a new potential friend now.
You may think you could have friends that you just don't want around your child, but is that really possible? Is a person truly a "friend" if you can't invite them into your home or enjoy spending time with them around your family (and have them enjoy it as well)? I know I used to think that was possible, but upon further reflection I've changed my mind. My life is not complete without my family and I don't think I could maintain a friendship with someone I couldn't have around my child, not any sooner than I could be friendly with someone who didn't like my wife. We are a package, take us or leave us but we roll together... I thank my parents for setting that example when I was a child and a friend for reminding me.

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