Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was a military brat and moved around with my parents and younger sister a lot as a child, so the choice to put our family into a migratory pattern seemed reasonable to me when VeeVee and I discussed how we wanted to proceed with a new baby on the way a few years ago. Around that time I was in a corporate career within an exciting industry when a corporate buy out led me into a new position in another company within the same industry. It was great to land on my feet, but I was no longer having "fun" at my job, though it was comparable in salary and worked within my career goals. VeeVee and I were newlyweds and we were struggling a little with her job requiring her to travel 4 days of the week, but we were making good money and our weekends together seemed all the sweeter due to the seperations.  Once VeeVee realized she was pregant we discussed our options: one, we could stay in our FL home and both work (she finding a permanent job in the area, though this would certainly mean less money) and we would put J Bean into child care. The second option was for VeeVee to maintain her job while I left mine (since she was making the most money by a long shot) and we would rent out our FL home, move our stuff to my Mom's and use her place as a base between project assignments and I would take care of the baby and handle our property management (we have a few other rentals as well). Dollar-wise, these options were nearly equal, so it seemed a no-brainer and we took the plunge into uncertainty! I left my job, J Bean was born, we moved to my Mom's for a few months then ended up in Chicago where we have the good fortune of living downtown amongst all the city has to offer. We have been very forunate to stay in one place for so long (18 months now) as we were originally anticipating moving every few months for the next few years. We have made some wonderful friends in Chicago and will be sad to leave when the gig us up here but we'll also be looking forward to a new adventure in a new place when we go.

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