Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Battle In The Windy City

Had a blast night at the #Battroborg #GameTruck event! We battled robots, shot up some zombies, took to the gridiron with a little Madden and had an all around good time. Certainly the most fun I've ever had in a Walgreen's parking lot (not as much fun as I've had in a Walgreens alley, but definitely tops for the parking lot) I was able to meet some new dads and hang out with a few I know already. Great to meet you The Rock Father,,Bobblehead Dad, D.A.D- Dad All Day, DiaryDad's Dadventures, Richard Owen of Chicago Dads Meetup Group, David Cole, Robert Duffer of Men, Marriage and Family GMP, Seth Loeser (winner of best hat of the night and apparently friends with most of the rock and roll legends I idolize). Cameron Smith, Al Wasserberger and of course president Al Watts of The National At-Home Dad Network. Beforehand we went to a place called Hamburger Mary's, the burgers were awesome and the craft beer was excellent. Most of us drank a craft brew called "Marry Hoppins" which was a fitting choice I think for a bunch of involved dads. Special thanks to my buddy, Ariel, who let me hitch a ride to and from the event. Ari heads up the Chicago at Home Dad's Network and will make a tactical SWAT team diaper bag for anyone who wants to storm an enemy position or change a diaper on the go... seriously. Look him up through the Chicago At Home group or message me if you want to get your hands on a diaper bag tough enough for any situation and with more pockets than a Michael Jackson jacket (circa 1982).

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