Friday, December 14, 2012

Pepper Protein

Thanks to VV, J Bean is an informed foodie always questioning the vitamin, mineral, protein and sugar content of her snacks. With that said, she lacks the impulse control to use that information wisely (she gets this from me I'm pretty sure). In other words, she will gladly inform you of the dangers of too much sugar before devouring an entire bag of Halloween candy.

While preparing lunch for J Bean today, she inquired as to whether or not the small sweet peppers on her plate have protein. "I'm not sure, let me look it up", I replied. I spoke into my smart phone, "Do peppers have protein question mark?" As I looked at the results on the screen J Bean said, "Daddy, why won't Question Mark answer you?" Trying to explain this concept to my daughter who knows little of sentence structure or technology was an exercise in patience and communication. I think she is still convinced Question Mark is some jerk you call on the phone for answers who might give you an answer if he feels like it.

Oh, and by the way, sweet peppers do have some protein as J Bean suspected.

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