Saturday, August 17, 2013

Have You Hugged Someone On The Pot Today?

It will be nice to one day go to the bathroom alone again, but I think I'll miss having a little person who can't wait for me to finish before I get a hug. Maybe it's just Link's strong affection for the greatest Dad in the world (that's right, I was nominated by J Bean just this year) or the lack of facilities to put two and two together when it comes to the olfactory assault he just walked into and the giant man crouching on the funny seat, but I'm going to miss those potty time snuggles when they're gone. J Bean understands privacy and will often ask me if I need some while staring at me in the bathroom... "Yes, please." However, Link sees the bathroom seating area as the prime opportunity for a nice squeeze (no pun intended).

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