Monday, January 10, 2011

Terrifying Twos...

My daughter just scratched out my previous definition of "tantrum" and showed me how 2 year olds really roll. Screaming, shaking, crying, pulling away from me, sticking her finger in her nose until it bled and an attempt to claw my face off. Why are we having this tantrum? Mainly because she's 2, I guess, and partially because she was both sleepy and hungry; a terrible combination. J Bean was in bed for nap and wanted out, got her out and she wanted to be in. After 15 minutes, I stopped trying to control her tantrum with distractions, consoling, and even some time-out and just began to fix her some lunch while hoping for the best. The demon has subsided and my little angel has returned and is currently watching Toy Story and chomping on a PB sandwich and fruit. For a moment, I thought I was going to have to call an exorcist or something, tsk tsk my dear... where oh where did you get a temper like that (full disclosure... she got it from me, I had a nasty temper as a child and a teen). Now I just hope I can get that elusive nap in as soon as she's done eating. She has a dentist appointment at 2:45... if she doesn't get a nap, I'm wearing a helmet to the dentist's office. Might just be one of those days.

UPDATE: Well, she was "skeered" of the dentist but the hygienist was amazing. She spent 15 minutes just talking with Jayla and giving her stickers and toys to play with before she even invited the doctor in to take a look in her mouth. J. Bean cried some during the exam, but not to the extent I was expecting. Oh well, that's behind us for another 6 months... Doc says J Bean needs to be rid of the paci or risk permanent misalignment of her teeth (upper jaw is narrower than the bottom from sucking at night) and says she has the beginnings of a tongue thrust which could cause speach and dental issues if we don't call it quits soon. Can't wait for that ordeal. We had decided the paci could stick around for a while based on the reading we had done, but apparently she is sucking on it so hard at night it could be an issue with her if we don't get rid of it. Oh well, I'm sure I can just reason with her again.

Amigurumi work poached from DoomedtoLive blog here.

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