Saturday, June 7, 2014

I love my job. #DestinationDad with Sears. - Sponsored -

Sometimes I just have to admit my "job" is a really good one. As an at-home dad, I deal with the kids all week for better or for worse and with one in the "terrible twos" and a 5 year old it seems like the worse part of that equation has been winning lately. However, Wednesday was one of those days that makes it all worthwhile. I was paid, that's right I was given money, to go do with my children what we might do anyway: peruse the mall, check out some gift ideas for father's day, wear fake mustaches, ride up and down escalators for no apparent reason, photobomb some complete strangers, and eat ice-cream. Ok, I'll admit, there are one or two of these we wouldn't normally do, so maybe that's the part I get paid for, I'm not sure. Honestly though, when a job is this fun, life is good!

My Destination Dad trip started when I loaded up the kids and a bag full of fuzzy mustaches to head to Sears and entered the "Snap Your 'Stache" contest. I also brought along a magic marker to draw a mustache on my son, Link, knowing he would inevitably refuse to wear his lip accessory. Little did I know, he'd also refuse to have his lip colored despite his normal propensity for body graffiti. It was a lot of fun and felt like a mini-vacation, we played with tons of gadgets, sat on a few riding lawn mowers, chilled out in some patio furniture on display and may or may not have watched an entire movie in the electronics department. It also helped that I was wearing swimming trunks, sunglasses, a summer fedora, a tropical(ish) shirt and a gray handlebar mustache. A man in a funny hat brought me a drink in a coconut shell. OK, the drink bit didn't happen but it wouldn't have surprised me. Also, do you call that brown stuff on the outside of a coconut a shell or is it a husk? 
Never mind; moving on. 

Outside the store, the kids and I bothered stopped a departing customer to see if  she would mind snapping a few shots of the brood and myself with the Sears sign in the background. Once inside the resort department store, we went on a scavenger hunt for the items that I'd most like to find under my pillow (wait, wrong occasion... to find on the kitchen counter?) on Father's Day this year. Preferably, that gift would be something that I don't wear between my feet and shoes or tie in a Windsor knot around my neck. I wasn't disappointed. 

I was happy to find several gift possibilities for my "Gimme List" and the kids approved of most of my selections. First, I was awestruck by the crisp, high definition picture on the 
Samsung 46" LED TV and we jumped on the opportunity to take a #DestinationDad photo with a realistic beach scene in the background. Maybe I should have put sunscreen on my boy! Then we scoped out the Kenmore 4 burner grill with a foldout table that would make a great addition to my new home in Tampa. Did I mention I had to leave my old grill in Chicago during my recent move because I rented a truck that was too small? Did I also mention that my wife Vv told me so? Well, don't feel bad, she covered that ground a few dozen times, but given the price on this Kenmore maybe she is ready to forgive me and get back to freshly grilled steaks for our endless summer in Florida. (Please?!)

Next, we checked out the comprehensive selection of man-tools in the Craftsman 263 piece mechanic's tool set which would look awesome in my garage. I was also able to take a gander at a really
nice Citizen's Quartz stainless steel watch that I literally almost bought on the spot (it was on sale for way less than half of retail). Ultimately, I decided to leave the feeling of satisfaction that will come with getting me just what I want for Father's Day to my wife and children to enjoy. That's because I'm a giving person.

I told the kids if they would be willing to sign a small waiver granting me access to their college funds then I would purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Lite 7" Tablet on their behalf so they might gift it to me on Father's Day. Mind you, it wasn't expensive, that just happens to be the only money in their names. J Bean, my daughter, denied the opportunity (obviously, she wants to surprise me with it later) and my son, Link, just yelled, "Dop It, Daddy! Wa Er, Wa Er, Mo Wa Er!" I have no idea what that means, but I assume it was a thank you for the wonderful vacation at Sears and that he had already selected one of my previous choices to bestow me with. Love those little, buggers!

After nabbing our pictures and bringing home a few bacon bits to add to my wife's far more substantial slab o' bacon contribution, we headed over to the mall's play area where Link threw himself off a slide a few dozen times and where J Bean climbed a fake palm tree while still wearing her mustache. It was nice... It wasn't Sears nice, but it was OK. To top the day off we grabbed some ice cream and headed home. Now I can't wait to see what I get on the big day and for my next Destination Dad trip to

the local mall!

In short, I recommend you get down to Sears to enjoy your own dad desination day and to enter the contest! Sears wants to honor dad this Father’s Day through the “Snap Your ‘Stache” contest, a nationwide search for the greatest moustache. Now through June 15 entrants can can take a photo of your mustaches and share at for a chance to win the ultimate Father’s Day gift – a trip to the Craftsman MAKEcation where you’ll meet a celebrity and learn to make whiskey, roll cigars, grill steaks, and amass survival skills. I'll be honest, the celebrity could be an extra in a B-movie and I'd still love to win that prize! Runner up prizes include other great gifts including a Craftsman Quiet Lawnmower Craftsman portable gas grill and Craftsman MACH Series tools. As you can see from my pictures, you shouldn't let a bare lip stop you from entering the contest. In fact, in a stroke of irony, I shaved my real mustache (which didn't seem to be award winning material) so that my fake one would stick to my
face! So go ahead, get creative and draw one on, use a sticker, or even hold something to create your best ‘stache. Everyone who enters will receive $5 in Shop Your Way points to use on the perfect Father’s Day gift. Plus, Shop Your Way members can vote for their favorite moustache submission, which will enter them into a sweepstakes for 250,000 in points (a value of $250).

Disclosure: I partnered with Sears and Life of Dad, LLC for this Father's Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement.

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