Sunday, June 8, 2014

Flip the Script... -sponsored-

Has anything ever gone as planned for a parent? Seriously. Is there one moment, one vacation, one picture, one single event that came out just as you had hoped? Children get sick, they pout have full-fledged foot-stomping hair-tearing tantrums, they define "uncooperative" at the most inopportune times. Still millions of people have children everyday, tell others they should have spawn of their own and we even keep the ones we have already. Why is that? Wouldn't life according to plan be so much easier, less stressful and just more manageable in general?


Then again, it's the unexpected moments and flavor my kids add to every day that really create the life I want to live. Sure, there would be fewer messes, a whole lot less laundry and I'd have more freedom to do some of the things I enjoy without the kids. On the other hand, no one would ask me things like, "Daddy, how does a baby whale know how to swim if she's never had even one swim lesson?"

Without the kids, my wife and I would probably take some of those fantastic, artsy portraits of ourselves in a warm embrace with the sunset at the beach or some other destination I can't afford to go with the whole brood. On the other hand, we wouldn't end up with this type of photo either:
Personally, I think I'll be happy to have this as part of my photo album when I'm old and gray and reminiscing over the "good ol' days." The lighting isn't perfect, the outfits don't match, and I didn't even shave. Still, this captures more of the way our life is than any studio portrait ever could.

It's true, the unscripted nature of life with kids can cause delays and throw off our
schedule, but do I really need to be on time when I could be dancing in the street with a 2 year old as we enjoy the music of one of our favorite street performers?

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the unscripted moments of fatherhood. What else is there to do? I wouldn't have it any other way, personally. When you tell your daughter to get ready to go to an office party and she comes out looking like a bedazzled pirate from space, that's what makes it all worthwhile. Even if you plan a play date with a bouncy house and it all comes crashing down, that's OK. Life wasn't meant to be scripted. It's the suspense, the excitement and outright comedy of it all that make fatherhood so special to me.

I'm sure you've heard of the #WorldsToughestJob campaign it hit the big time around mother's day and now it has been expanded to include us dads as well. You can learn even more about getting involved with your own #WorldsToughestjob moments here. This video really encapsulates the feelings and the reality of a life as dad unscripted, they took real actors to have them audition for the role of "Dad." Check it out, it's hilarious and touching:

Now that's I'm a father of my own, I often reflect on my own unscripted childhood and how my father must have dealt with my own unforeseen shenanigans. When I went to work on his Father's Day card, that was definitely on my mind. I was excited to learn about Cardstore's service where I could create my own card for him. A card that isn't scripted and crafted by someone we never met. Something more personal and hopefully, more meaningful to him.

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Time was running short for me with father's day approaching (you know how that tends to happen when you have kids, right?) so it was great to find that Cardstore's interface was quick and easy to learn. In no time, I had a card designed and ready to send. Actually, I didn't even have to "send" it, they handled that part for me too.

For my dad, I selected an old picture as the front cover. It was one of those unscripted moments from my childhood that shows so much about the fun we had together and the feelings we had for each other. Then, I recreated the picture with my own children to remind him that he showed me how it's done. Inside, the card says:

"Look familiar? Fatherhood isn't scripted, but you always made us feel like the stars of the show! Thanks for showing me how to wing it! I may not have a director or a 'how to' book on the shelf, but looking back on my childhood, I'm able to figure it out. Well... mostly. Happy Father's Day!" 

I've included some screenshots of how I put it together and the final product. You still have time, yourself, to create a card and have it delivered on time for Father's day if you act right away! Just head over to Cardstore right now to get started! Cards made by 6/9 will arrive on time with standard shipping! Also, because, you read this far, you get a special discount code: CCG4527 is valid 6/3 – 6/9 and will get you a father's day card for $2.49 plus the stamp.

Disclosure: I partnered with Cardstore from American Greetings and Life of Dad, LLC for the #WorldsToughestJob Dad Casting Father's Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement.

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