Friday, November 15, 2013

The Breakfast Club?

Piglet driving the get away train. 
Inspired by the recent photo blog I saw on The Medium about Dinovember, I decided to take a swing at the idea myself with Duplo characters. The idea being that you set up toys in situations that make them appear to be like the characters of Toy Story, living breathing characters who pretend to be inanimate when humans are around. I came home from a Dad's night out and went to work. I created a scene where the Legos had obviously escaped J Bean's room on a train and, through a combination of cabinet locks, toys, a phone charger and a chair, had made their way into the pantry. The characters in the pantry were feasting on Ritz crackers and Winnie the Pooh was trying to get into a bottle of honey.

When J Bean discovered them this morning, she had a million questions and observations: "How did they get out here? I didn't hear them leave my room? What were they doing? Are they like Woody from Toy Story?  What were they doing? Look! They've got a cracker! Oh my good gracious, Winnie the Pooh was trying to get the honey! Look! Piglet was driving! How did they all fit on this train!? Do you think they made exter (that's how she says it) trips? Can you believe they got into the crackers?! I HAVE to show this to Mommy! She is not going to believe this! How did they get out of the box? Oh my goodness, look! They stacked blocks to get out of the box? Why didn't these other guys go on the trip? What do you think they will do tonight!"

She was so excited and bewildered that I had a hard time getting her to eat breakfast and once we arrived at school she started telling everyone about it. Suffice it to say, I will be doing more of these. So much fun for her (and me!) Here's some pictures of the scene.

A zookeeper and Tigger working with Boots to set up a rope to climb into the pantry. 

Not sure why Tigger didn't just bounce across. 

The Breakfast Club. 

Sharing a cracker while the polar bear dives in the bag for more. 

Notice what Pooh is getting into. 

It's unclear if boots was on lookout or just making his way into the eatery. 

Woody was obviously supervising. 

This woman shows how they got from the floor to the chair. 
The whole scene. 


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. That is stinkin adorable and hilarious! I so wish I had heard your daughter go nuts over it. I'm not clever enough to think of all that - you rock!

  2. I got the idea from those parents in the link with the dinosaurs, but thank you! You can do it too!

  3. Nicely done! I love the reactions you got. Perfect!!!

  4. Way cool, dude. Now I want Ritz crackers.

    I'll have to think about what I could find about our house to pose in these sorts of situations. Would it be creepy to use the husks of dead insects?