Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dad's Book of Awesome Projects

I happen to know the author of a fantastic DIY book from my Dad Blogger circles, yeah that's right I'm in with the Who's Who of the Dad blogging world. Well, they let me hang out and crack stupid jokes anyway. The point I'm trying to make is that because I'm friends with these guys I sometimes get the pleasure of being one of the first to get copies of their books (yes, some of these at-home Dads are far more motivated than me), and occasionally they'll even send me one to review free of charge and I'm all about free! Since I'm going to tell you about how great this book is (and you should trust me, because when have I lied to you?) the FTC requires that I first tell you they gave me a free copy. All the feds satisfied? Good.

We received our copy of "Dad's Book of Awesome Projects" by Mike Adamick a week or two ago and flipped through checking out all the great projects ranging from making your own comic book shoe wraps to building a backyard swing set and it includes great pictures, list of needed supplies and tools along with great "how to" instructions. The book contains over 25 projects and is going to provide us with years of things to do on a rainy day and great things to build while I teach J Bean and Link how to be "handy" (I'm glad for the help, because I'm honestly not that handy of a guy). Personally, I'm looking forward to making an Ol' Fashioned Crate Scooter and J Bean says we should definitely put the low tech homemade ice-cream on the list!

We started with a fairly straight-forward "afternoon project"  (there are also "weekend projects" and "school break projects" ranging in simplicity appropriately). J Bean decided right off the bat when we were looking though the book together for the first time that she liked the crayon shapes project and I agreed it would be a good start. Below is a photo-journal of our efforts, I would encourage you to grab a copy of Mike's book on Amazon (currently $11.24) or other places where great books are sold so you can start your own kid-friendly DIY project or give the gift of something to do to a parent or child you know!

Preparing our molds. The book actually shows you how to make assorted shapes, but we chose to use a little gingerbread man cookie mold we had on hand, that's one of the great things with these DIY projects, being able to make it your own with some guidance on the important things like cooking time/temps. 

Ready for cooking!

They look nice and shiny once you pull the melty guys out!

The silicone cookie sheet worked out great, the crayons came out with no problem!

Finished product.

Great projects and happy kids!

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